Nursing Services

Core Care’s nurses can assist with all of your nursing care needs.

Catheter Management: Our nurses can assist in catheter management to prevent infection and complications. We also facilitate partnerships with your GP to solve any issues with catheters and help to develop continence management plans. We can also assist with your specialist appointments for follow-up and engagement with other relevant agencies.

Core Care Community Services nurses can provide assistance for medication use, provide education on the medications, and monitor and report adverse effects.

Wound Management: Our nurses practice Evidence-based wound management services that promote healing and prevent wound infection. We can also educate our clients to prevent or manage factors that may affect their skin integrity. In addition, we liaise with relevant wound care services to ensure the quality of care.

Diabetes Management: As part of our diabetes management service we work closely with our participants to monitor blood glucose levels, administer insulin and provide essential education and clinical support to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles and prevent complications. Core Care also liaises with the Diabetes Centre at the Townsville University Hospital to manage your diabetes with expert guidance.

PEG Management: Core Care Community Services can provide assistance with the management of PEG feeds and provide education and training to support staff around the management of these.

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